“My work with Jan was totally transformative. She introduced me to EMDR, which was tremendously effective for dealing with traumas that had hijacked my life. Her patience, persistence and insight helped me become whole.”

Sue M.

“I called Jan after my daughter, visiting from college, flew off her new bike while traveling downhill and sustained a broken nose, lots of bruises and facial swelling. She began having nightmares, reliving the experience over and over. Jan saw her immediately, and after just two sessions of EMDR, my daughter was on the road to recovery. Her mind quieted down, and she was able to move on quickly, with a positive frame of mind. Within 2 weeks, she was back on her bike and able to ride. The combination of Jan’s vast experience and gentle nature made her the perfect therapist for my skeptical daughter. She wants to see Jan again, as soon as she is back from college!”

Beth G.

“When I think back to my teen years, I can remember the numerous challenges that I was experiencing. Among those memories is the comfort that I found in having a therapist like Jan to work with. Her insight, support, and presence in my life were much needed. She helped me work through issues with anger, trust, rebellion, identity, abuse, and hypersexuality. Jan helped me to understand that I was not alone in my experience. She was a sounding board – someone that I could talk to and share my feelings with.

Jan offered me advice and helped to put my experiences into perspective. Our weekly sessions offered me a place to speak freely. I am forever grateful to have had her as a therapist. As a parent, social worker, and survivor of my teen years I can only suggest that you consider her as an equal support for your child. Adolescence is undeniably difficult to navigate – her ability to relate was genuine and refreshingly authentic and assisted me greatly in my relationship with my family.”

Ann K.

“I have known and worked with Jan Cehn for 30 years and know her work well. She is a creative therapist who has diligently mastered a wide range of psychotherapy techniques. She fashions her assistance to patients to specifically meet their needs and styles. She is engaged and direct in her approach and always willing to go an extra mile in helping her clients. I have always trusted our collaborative work.”

Robin Cooper, MD

Private Practice of Psychiatry




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